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This year’s NCBI World Sight Day will help us to continue to provide the below services and programmes.​

Eye Clinic Liaison Officer

A new NCBI service, our Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) act as key point of contact, working closely with medical and nursing staff across Dublin eye clinics. ECLOs aim to bridge the gap between hospital and community based services and education providers like ChildVision. Our ECLOs have the time to dedicate to patients and family members following consultation allowing clinicians time to focus on and fully explain their treatment and care plans.


As of December 2017, the NCBI Library has access to over 600,000 titles in alternative formats. The NCBI Library has joined Bookshare and The ABC Consortium, both international organisations and consortiums paving the way for access to international academic and leisure reading titles. This is a particularly important resource for students in higher education and individuals with specific leisure reading requests.

Technology Training

If you have little or no vision, you may find it difficult or impossible to do things that so many people take for granted. These include using the internet, booking flights, reading printed items such as books, magazines, newspapers or even mail that comes through the door. However, with the right technology is used, blind and visually impaired people can enjoy the same freedom to read as everyone else. We provide people with assistive technology and provide training in areas such as magnification, computer usage, voice assist technology, braille technology, note taking and mobile usage.

Children’s Camps

Our children’s camps are open to children of all ages and strive to empower and support babies and children who are blind and visually impaired. These course include ‘Learning through Play’ for parents and toddlers, Independent Living and Travel Skills weekend camps, Preparing for Independent Travel weekend camps. We also provide and coordinate Foreign exchange programmes, transition workshops from second to third level education and Independent Living Skills programmes.

Transport Training Centre

Using public transport can be a daunting and sometimes dangerous area for blind and visually impaired individuals. This planned facility will empower and prepare those with accessibility needs to confidently use public transport. The state-of-the-art centre will give confidence to those who might otherwise hesitate before using their local bus, train or tram. It will be the only centre of its kind in Eurpoe and the biggest of its kind in the world when it is completed.

National Advocacy activities

NCBI campaigns for positive and lasting change for the benefit of people with sight loss. We work with and on behalf of people who are blind or vision impaired at a local, national and international level. We seek to change legislation, policy, attitudes, inequality, injustice, and give effect to people’s rights. We are currently in the process of introducing a new National Advocacy Network with the aim of empowering people and communities to influence the decisions that affect them. This network will also ensure the inclusion of people with sight loss in decision making processes.


NCBI awards an annual bursary to two students to the value of €1,500 per annum for up the duration of their undergraduate degree. In addition, NCBI offers a six month internship to one bursary recipient annually. We wish to increase education and employment opportunities for those affected by blindness and vision impairment.

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